Our Mission

The mission of The Dedham Exchange, a non-profit gift shop, committed to sustainability, is to support artisans and donate to educational and philanthropic organizations in the community.

The National Federation of Women's Exchanges

We are proud to be a member of the National Federation of Women's Exchanges.


The Federation is an organization of Woman’s Exchanges in 19 cities who help women achieve economic stability through consignment and sale of fine-quality, hand-crafted items. The founding of the first Women's Exchange in Philadelphia in 1882 marked the beginning of what is the oldest continuously operating women's movement in the country.


The Dedham Women's Exchange features handcrafted items from many artisans from our surrounding community. We also have a curated selection of fine gifts, housewares and decorative items sourced from top vendors.

The incorporators gathered at the Annual Meeting on April 11, 2016. Standing: Robyn Garth, Ingrid McDonough, Ginna Parker. Seated: Madeline Gregory & Dale Cabot

A Little History

The Contentment Tea Room and Women's Exchange opened January 31, 1914 in two rooms of a private home at 82 Court Street in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Founded by a dedicated volunteer group of women, the Exchange was originally comprised of a tea room, a food shop, and a handiwork shop.  It offered a venue for women to make and sell baked goods, household items, children's clothing, and gifts.  In 1948, The Dedham Women's Exchange moved to our current location at 445 Washington Street in a small barn that grace Baker sold to the Exchange in 1953.

Today, the Dedham Women's Exchange represents 250 artisans from this country and around the globe. We also carry a wide variety of commercial gifts for every occasion.  The Exchange is owned and operated by a devoted volunteer corps of thirty women who are assisted by talented staff.  We remain true to our original mission of supporting artisans by providing an outlet for handcraft goods, as well as by giving back to the community making annual donations to educational and philanthropic organizations. 

Our Artists

Betsy V.jpg

Elizabeth (Betsy) Varano

Painter of Glass Vases


Eileen Borzilleri

Cheyleen's Naturals Beeswax Candles


Gracie's Gunnies

Margaret Ball Ottman

Author and Illustrator

In 2019 The Dedham Exchange donated to the following amazing organizations:

  • Dedham Civic Pride

  • Dedham Community House

  • Dedham Exchange Community Fund

  • Dedham High School College Scholarship

  • Hale Reservation - Summer Camp


  • Mother Brook Arts & Community Center

  • Riverside Community Care

  • Dedham Historical Society

  • Dedham Square Circle

  • The ARC of South Norfolk

  • Westwood Youth and Family Services