The Dedham Exchange's Annual Meeting

at the Dedham Historical Society

On April 8, 2019, THE DEDHAM EXCHANGE held its annual meeting at The Dedham Historical Society and Museum. The Exchange, a non profit gift shop, supports artisans who hand make unique gifts and also donates annual proceeds to educational and philanthropic organizations in the community. The Society & Museum supports efforts to preserve the historical artifacts and records, as well as advances the knowledge of Dedham's history. Johanna McBrien, its Executive Director, welcomed many of the Exchange's board members and volunteers, as well as staff. It was a day of appreciation for both organizations in Dedham Square.


Pictured left to right: 

Jen Mitchell, Exchange President; Carole Chapin, Exchange Vice President and Johanna McBrien.


Leslie Griesmer, Annie Wood, Jeanne Praught, Koko Bickford, Carol DeBlois, Kate Mooney-Cahill, Edith Stevens, Jen Mitchell, Denise Miranda, Carlota Taylor, Jane Lukoff, Pat Vaughn, Carole Chapin, Patty Cochran, Mary Beth Crook, Robyn Garth, Elsie Aubrey, Cindy Kopf

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