Elizabeth (Betsy) Varano
Painter of Glass Vases

Elizabeth makes beautiful hand painted glass vases in all shapes and sizes. She designs each one as she paints; no two are alike. She started painting when her niece asked her to design and paint a box for her wedding, to hold the gifts.  When Elizabeth said she didn’t have experience doing that, her niece said,” you can do it auntie, you are artistic!” The box came out beautifully and Elizabeth was hooked. She has done a lot of experimentation with technique and materials.

Elizabeth collects glass vases in all sizes and shapes. She begins by painting the glass with a coat of paint in a beautiful color; next she paints the floral designs and then applies four coats of shellac.

Elizabeth has lived in Dedham with her husband, since 1979. They raised three children, who all attended Dedham schools and graduated from Dedham High School. She met her husband in hairdresser school.  They married soon after and bought a hair salon, Betsy’s, forty five years ago. Elizabeth worked fewer days as she cared for their children, then her parents and other family members, but her husband continues to work at the salon.

Artist Betsy Varano